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The Bohemian Boutique four Poster Bed has a unique urban style. The mixed timber complements the intriguing fretted pattern and gives a hint of ethnic influences. This four-poster bed has a black charcoal finish combined with other lighter grains of which catch the eye. The fretted pattern is spread across the top of the head board to match with the other items in this Bohemian range. The elegant four poster style will be a striking addition to your bedroom, with a low body and high headboard this bed is a stunning piece of furniture. Not only is this a timeless piece of furniture, it offers an interest and eclectic focal point for any living space.

Bohemian Boutique 4 Poster 5' Bed

  • Width: 1610 mm
    Depth: 2110 mm
    Height: 2000 mm




    Mixed Timber



    (This Item) Black 


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