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We've selected some lovely home furnishings for you to browse and purchase. We hope you like them. Happy Shopping...!

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Interior Design, Show Home Design, Furniture Hire

Please feel free to browse our services and our new online shop. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation for our interior design, home staging or show home design services, we would love to hear from you...

We are here to help

What Our Clients Say:

" I'm extremely happy that the house surgery designed and styled my home. The team worked together with me to produce a stunning design for my home. Outstanding attention to to detail and highly professional I would thoroughly recommend the house surgery. If I could give more stars I would."
C Austin
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A Little Taste of What We Do

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What We Do

The spaces you spend most of your time in are definitely worth the extra attention The House Surgery can give them. From residential spaces to commercial projects, we do it all in the world of interior design.

We are artists of our work and passionate about design, we offer each of our clients a unique and innovative solution to their design needs. You won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll take care of everything, from budget management to final installations. Contact us today to get started.


Your Dreams Are Our Inspirations

We offer a complete interior design service and can help you with all aspects of your required design project, however large or small, our dedicated team of designers are here to help you every step of the way.


Good Interior Design is all about the individual client and the way in which you live, it is an all-encompassing process that considers, space, form, colour, texture, lighting, function, furniture and flow from room to room.


We will listen carefully to your ideas and wishes so we can fully grasp and understand your objectives. Through, well spent time together, images and discussion, we will visualise the styles and ambience you are hoping to achieve and with meticulous planning, we will work to bring your dreams and aspirations into reality, whilst ensuring everything works in perfect harmony.


The Perfect Space, Requires Perfect Planning

Our Spatial Planning services suit each client’s specific needs, requirements and taste.


From the re-design of room layouts and function to the purchase of furniture and its positioning, we will help you create the home of your dreams, that really works for you as an individual, couple or family. 

Our interior designers do everything to reflect our client’s desires and translate those into a design that hits all the right notes. Contact us today to see what we are able to do to transform your space.


Lighting is Not Just for Light, its Mood, Ambience, & Effect

Lighting is a critical element to great design, it can change a space with the flick of a switch.

We can help you with all aspects of getting the most from your light, including lighting plans, layout, fixtures and fittings to really set the mood and enhance your living space. 


From furnishings and material selection to interior architectural planning, we imbue each space with the owner’s unique style and personality.

Brighten up your space with our decorative and functional Lighting Design Consultation that meet the needs of each area. Get in touch with us today to start benefiting from our outstanding services.

Curtains, Blinds & Soft Furnishings Design Service


Bespoke Window Dressing & Soft Furnishings Tailored Just for You

From choosing the perfect fabrics, textures and colours to compliment your scheme, with bespoke curtains and blinds, cushions and upholstery, we are here to help. Our huge library and collection of fabrics give you the ultimate choice in every style you could hope to achieve.

We will work with every client and differing budget to create a truly beautiful end result every time, infusing each space with the owner’s unique style and personality.

Why not let us help you recreate your space with just a few finishing touches that will give you a completely new look and feel.

Get in touch with us today to start benefitting from our outstanding services.


It's The Little Touches that Make All the Difference, and We Make a Difference

Are you a developer or do you simply have an empty property to sell?


A show home will demonstrate exactly how good an empty property can look once lived in, and will create the dream lifestyle for new home seekers to buy into.

Show home units will frequently be among the first to sell and are often sold fully furnished as seen, even though there are other identical units within the block.

It is a fact that most people will readily buy into the lifestyle created by a show home, therefore your chances of selling faster and for more money are increased.

We can supply you with a beautiful Show Home, that can either be purchased or hired and will be perfectly designed to 'Wow' your target market.


Show Home Furniture Hire to Suit All Budgets

Style your Property for Sale with our Furnishing and Dressing Services and Furniture Rental Packages.

We offer a completely bespoke service where we will hire out furniture to fit the exact needs of your property and target market; in many cases shopping exclusively for the property to ensure the result is nothing less than perfect on completion of our work.

You may hire or purchase the furniture we provide and we can arrange everything from window dressing & floor coverings to replica plasma screens, computers and audio equipment.


1st Impressions Really Count

The main objective of Home Staging is to maximize the profit potential and sale or let-ability of an individual property, at a sensible cost to the owner.

During our initial consultation at your property we will carry out a comprehensive site analysis and photographic survey in order to determine the best possible course of action to be taken for your individual property. Our findings can be given to you either verbally on site or as a written report including the estimated cost for works to be undertaken.

Why not Call The House Surgery Today to help you get your property ready to sell and maximise your profit.


Living In Nature is Loving Life

At the heart of our garden design service lies a commitment to understanding you - the unique client - and the way you connect with your outdoor space. Whether it’s a sprawling oasis or a quaint city space, our devoted team of garden designers is here to guide you through every phase of your journey.

Creating a garden that resonates with your lifestyle is an art that blends space, form, nature's palette, texture, and harmony. We recognize that a garden isn’t just about plants and patios; it’s an extension of your home, a living, breathing space where design meets nature.

By listening attentively to your vision and engaging in rich dialogue, we delve into the styles and atmospheres you envision for your outdoor space. Our approach marries your ideas with our expertise, transforming them into a living reality that not only captures your essence but also functions seamlessly.

From the initial concept to detailed planning, we're dedicated to creating a garden that not only meets your aspirations but also complements the rhythm and flow of your home. Let’s bring your garden dreams to life, crafting a serene, personal oasis that resonates with your individuality and style.

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Unit 3 & 4 Leyland's House
Molesey Road
Walton on Thames
KT12 3PW


020 8222 6667

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“Burning every bridge that I cross, to find some beautiful place to get lost”

Elliott Smith

Vintage Home Decor

   - Tribute to Julie-Anne Hatton "Jules"-

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