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The Sweeping Branch Nursery Shelf will make a lovely addition for a nursery wall or childrens bedroom. You can use it to hold and display small children’s books, toys or even to keep a baby monitor close by.

The sweeping shelf forms a curved tree branch, creatively complemented by a wall decal of branches and leaves. We have designed this nursery shelf in a compact size at just 1m wide. We cut the shelf from layers of birch plywood then assemble and finish them by hand in our workshop, creating a solid, quality childrens bookcase that will last for many years to come. The plywood branch can be supplied painted white as per the picture, or sanded and left unfinished to show the wood’s natural colour.

The childrens bookcase is made up from a wall decal and a simple shelf that fixes to the wall via two floating shelf brackets. Begin by applying the wall decal, positioning it using the mask layer that it comes on. Next you drill the wall in the two positions as marked on the decal. Then screw your provided fixings to the wall and slide the shelf into position. You can fit the nursery bookshelf in a corner as shown so that you can use an adjacent wall for supporting items such as books. Alternatively you can fit it “floating” in the middle of the wall without effecting its strength.

We ship all of our tree shelf units in safely packaged kit form. It comes complete with everything you’ll need to put your new shelf together, including easy to follow instructions.



Dimensions: H:300mm, W:1000mm, D:126mm

Weight Capacity: 10KG

Compatible for: Solid wood

FSC Materials

The Sweeping Branch Nursery Shelf


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